Happy birthday, Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore, UNICEF representative and seven-time James Bond, celebrated his 82nd birthday on Oct. 14.

We’ve talked before about how some fans are split about his performances as 007. And, truth be told, the HMSS staff has taken its shots at Sir Roger at times in reviewing and discussing the films.

However, in many ways, Sir Roger is also one of the best ambassadors for the Bond film series, 24 years after he hung up his shoulder holster. Of the six Bonds, he seems to show up most often in TV specials or DVD documentaries. Here’s the start of just one example:

In recent years, Sir Roger has become involved in UNICEF and other causes. Here’s an example where he speaks out against foie gras. The video is disturbing but it’s supposed to be.

So happy birthday, Sir Roger, and many more.