See a clip from Age of Heroes

James D'Arcy as Ian Fleming

The Film Shaft website has an “exclusive clip” from the upcoming movie Age of Heroes, the World War II story of the British 30 Commando unit, which was founded, back in the day, by our pal Ian Fleming. (James D’Arcy plays the future 007 chronicler in the film.)

Aside from the obvious interest to James Bond fans, the picture looks to be a old-school World War II adventure, harkening back to the 1960s commando actioners like Where Eagles Dare and The Guns of Navarone. Alastair McLean and Ian Fleming stories seem to go rather hand-in-hand anyhow — fans of one tend to like the other — and those movies certainly share a certain style and attitude with the Bond series.

Sadly, the film’s marketing people didn’t exactly have their thinking caps on, as the clip they supplied is a nighttime outdoor scene — not exactly prime viewing material for your computer screen. At any rate, you can see it, and read the entertainingly-written accompanying article RIGHT HERE. Tell ’em HMSS sent you!

MI6 Confidential issue #10 hot off the presses!

Our friends and colleagues over at MI6 Confidential magazine have just published their latest issue, a big number 10.

This time around, editor Hugh Maddocks and his team spotlight 2006’s Daniel Craig-debuting Casino Royale, which is now considered by most James Bond fans to be among the series’ classics. As well as running interviews with the on-screen villains, Issue #10 highlights some of the aspects of the critically-acclaimed production that are often overlooked: pre-visualization, production design, scoring, special effects, costume design, and the publicity machine that made sure everyone knew ‘Bond was back!’

Some features in the new issue:

  • Bay Area Bonding – Tracking A View To A Kill around famous San Francisco landmarks
  • James Bond’s France – Searching for the real Casino Royale
  • ‘Card Sense’ Jimmy Bond – A look back at the 1954 Casino Royale live teleplay on CBS
  • That Sinking Feeling – Peter Lamont and Chris Corbould on recreating Venice
  • Rogues Gallery – Interviews with the villains of Casino Royale: Mads Mikkelsen, Jesper Christensen and Clemens Schick
  • Between Script & Screen – Before the cameras roll, storyboard artist Martin Asbury reveals his ‘pre-vis’ magic
  • Scoring Casino Royale – Composer David Arnold talks about the score and Bond theme deconstruction
  • Dressing 007 – Costume designer Lindy Hemming explains the new look for a new Bond
  • Around The World With Casino Royale – How the worldwide publicity machine boosted Bond at the box-office
  • Age of Heroes – Sean Bean discusses his new WWII film based on Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando Unit
  • The Last Word – Director Martin Campbell on shooting the intricate poker sequence

Issue #10 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit their website at

HMSS congratulates Hugh & company on the landmark 10th issue of their terrific full-color magazine!