Danger Man, “Loyalty Always Pays,” conclusion

We conclude our serialization (via YouTube) of the Danger Man/Secret Agent episode “Loyalty Always Pays.” Here’s part 5:

And here’s part 6:

Danger Man, “Loyalty Always Pays,” part 4

John Drake continues his elaborate scheme:

Danger Man, “Loyalty Always Pays,” part 3

The adventure, directed by Peter Yates, continues:

Danger Man, “Loyalty Always Pays,” Part 2

Crafty British secret agent John Drake begins a complex plan to get his man in an episode of Danger Man. Take a look:

Let’s watch an episode of Danger Man!

Here’s Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake in Danger Man, known in the U.S. as Secret Agent. Bond fans will recognize Earl Cameron, playing the prime minister of a former British colony, as an assistant to 007 in Thunderball. This is the start to an episode titled “Loyalty Always Pays.”

Opening to an episode of Secret Agent/Danger Man!

You never know what you’ll find on the Internets. In this case, it’s the opening to an episode of Secret Agent, the U.S. name for the U.K. Danger Man series. Here you get to see the pre-credits sequence, the main title and a commercial for Westinghouse. As it turns out the episode was directed by Peter Yates, the future director of Bullitt and Breaking Away. Take a look: