Thomas Newman discusses scoring 007 movies

Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman says scoring 2012’s Skyfall was a challenge “because I’d really never scored an action movie,” while adding his score for SPECTRE is “strong.”

Newman, who turns 60 on Tuesday, was interviewed on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune show and there’s now a summary of the interview on THE BBC’S WEBSITE.

Newman, part of a Hollywood family of film composers, was brought into the Bond series by director Sam Mendes. The move displaced David Arnold, who had composed the scores for the previous five 007 films.

With SPECTRE, the 24th film in the series, “I’ve been at it for three-and-a-half months solid,” Newman told the BBC. “Seven days a week, morning til night. There were tough moments but all in all, it’s strong and I feel good about it.”

Newman also said film music shouldn’t overpower a movie.

“If you notice it, maybe its working too hard, or maybe it’s too loud,” the composer said. “It’s all very delicate in the end.”

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