Raymond Benson on Sound Authors podcast

dark side
On June 8, 007 author Raymond Benson stopped by the Sound Authors podcast for an interview with proprietor Dr. Kent Gustavson.

After dealing with shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings, they got around to the topics of Benson’s new Spike Berenger thriller, Dark Side of the Morgue. It’s a follow-up to the rock ‘n roll detective’s previous adventure Hard Day’s Death. In this one, a Chicago-based progressive rock band is being killed off one member in time, and Berenger is up to his knees in rock snob suspects.

Benson also gets a bit into the details of the process of writing for other authors’ and creators’ franchises. His remarks on writing James Bond will, of course, be a particular interest to literary-minded 007 fans.

You can find a transcript of the interview at the Sound Authors website; there are various links to subscription services where you can listen to the actual podcast.