Daily Mail commits a big oops on No Time to Die

No Time to Die logo

The Daily Mail, one of the British tabloids that can’t enough of James Bond, committed a faux pas in a one of its stories about the filming of No Time to Die in Matera, Italy.

The writer of a caption for a photo misidentified Barbara Broccoli, the boss of Eon Productions, as “a female assistant” to actor Daniel Craig.

The gaffe was spotted by Phil Nobile Jr., editor of Fangoria magazine. Nobile took to Twitter. His post included a screen grab of the original version. The caption read: “Craig was joined by a female assistant as he relaxed between takes on Tuesday.”

Here’s the tweet that Nobile sent out:


Barbara Broccoli has been involved with the series going back to the 1970s. She told a Hollywood Reporter podcast in December 2017 that she captioned stills during production of The Spy Who Loved Me when she was in her teens. She received an onscreen credit in 1983’s Octopussy as “executive assistant.”

The Daily Mail caption was changed later in the day to read, “Craig was joined by Barbara Broccoli as he relaxed between takes on Tuesday.” Nevertheless, the original error enraged some fans. One example from the Thunderballs photo archive:


Massive 007 photo archive goes online

Logo for the Thunderballs photo archive

Thunderballs, an archive of more than 13,000 James Bond film stills, has gone online.

@Thunderballs007 on Twitter has been posting various stills, for months ahead of the webite launch. The website went live today.

During the posting of stills on Twitter, the site has been gathering information, including details about behind-the-scenes stills.

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who have contributed to the making of the THUNDERBALLS website over the course of the last year,” Thunderballs said in a Tweet today. “For all the bits of information, pictures contributed and time given it has been greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have done it alone.”

To check out the new website, CLICK HERE.