SPECTRE filming photos from weekend emerge


There was more outdoor SPECTRE filming in London over the weekend, which got coverage in the U.K. press and saw images show up on social media.

The DAILY MAIL described events in its usual, breathless fashion such as this description of star Daniel Craig:

“The 47-year-old actor cut a dapper figure, dressed in suit to portray the titular spy as he strolled along Whitehall in London, drawing large crowds of excited onlookers.” The story has photos as well as a video.

THE MIRROR also chimed in, making some guesses about the plot of the 24th James Bond film based on photos of the filming.

Meanwhile, social media participants also put out photos, such as this one on Twitter.

On THIS PAGE of the message board of the James Bond MI6 website, users downloaded photos from social media outlets and posted them.

Lois Maxwell and James Bond by the numbers

The official James Bond Twitter feed offered up this quiz on May 15:

Spoiler alert: It’s Lois Maxwell (1927-2007). We have no idea how many fans got the answer wrong. Regardless, the quiz got us to thinking about a few numbers related to her long run as Moneypenny.




PERCENTAGE OF EON-MADE MADE 007 FILMS WITH MAXWELL IN CAST: 58% (includes SPECTRE, still in production, in the calculation, or 14 divided by 24).

PERCENTAGE OF ALL 007 FILMS WITH MAXWELL IN CAST: 54% (includes 1967’s Casino Royale and 1983’s Never Say Never Again in the calculation, or 14 divided by 26).

MISCELLANEOUS TRIVIA: Maxwell will still have appeared in at least half of Eon-made Bond films until Bond 29 is produced. At a rate of one movie made every three years, that would be in 2030.

Hawaii Five-0 reboot gets renewed for 6th season

Cast of the 2010 Hawaii Five-0

Cast of the 2010 Hawaii Five-0

The rebooted Hawaii Five-0 series, which has done occasional homages to James Bond movies, was renewed by CBS for a sixth season, according to A STORY ON THE DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD website.

The show has had episodes that evoked the 2012 007 film Die Another Day as well as one 2012 story that appeared to have homages to You Only Live Twice and Licence to Kill.

The original Hawaii Five-O (with a capital O instead of a 0) ran for 12 seasons, debuting in the fall of 1968 and finishing its run in the spring of 1980. With the renewal by CBS, the rebooted series is guaranteed to last at least half as long.

The highlight of the fifth season, which had its last episode on May 8, was the demise of the rebooted Wo Fat. Wo Fat 2.0 was a revamped version of the arch enemy of the original show, who appeared in the 1968 pilot and was featured in the final 1980 episode.

Wo Fat 2.0 in addition to being a mastermind (like the original Wo Fat) also did his own dirty work. Also, Wo Fat 2.0 had a personal motive for striking back against Steve McGarrett 2.0.

Anyway, Peter M. Lenkov, the co-executive producer, co-developer of the series, took to Twitter to celebrate:

New SPECTRE teaser poster coming March 17

SPECTRE LOGOA new SPECTRE teaser poster is to be unveiled on March 17, it was announced on the official 007 Twitter feed.

Since Dec. 4, the 24th James Bond film has used an image of a bullet hole that splintered glass, with a pattern resembling the old SPECTRE octopus logo seen in early 007 movies to publicize the production. But that’s about to change, it would appear. Here’s the tweet, which includes the image the movie has been using. The tweet went out at 5 p.m. New York time:

There’s also a picture ON FACEBOOK.

The new teaser poster may also change the conversation regarding the movie. The past four days have seen various stories on entertainment news websites about SPECTRE getting as much as $20 million in incentives from Mexico in return for script changes as well as the movie’s $300 million-plus budget.

SPECTRE stills get broader release


A couple of SPECTRE stills that were in Empire magazine’s feature story about the film have gotten broader distribution via the official 007 Twitter account.

One is a picture of Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx, the main henchman in the 24th James Bond film. The other is a photo of director Sam Mendes talking to actress Lea Seydoux.

Separately, the 007 Twitter account also took note of the birthday of star Daniel Craig using a photo taken during the production of Skyfall.

Guy Ritchie tweets a behind-the-scenes U.N.C.L.E. still

Logo for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie

Logo for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie

Director Guy Ritchie took to Twitter to post a behind-the-scenes photograph of himself and his stars during filming of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie.

Based on the trailer released on Feb. 11, this was during filming of an early scene where Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) and Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) get into a fight after being assigned to work with one another.

Principal photography occurred early September to early December 2013, with some reshoots in 2014.

The movie debuts Aug. 14. Presumably, this still is part of the gearing up of social media marketing efforts. For a timeline about the events related to the film’s production, CLICK HERE.

Sir Roger raises his hand

Roger Moore (jokingly) volunteered via Twitter to step up after news came out that Daniel Craig was injured during SPECTRE filming.

But it turned out the current 007 would be able to soldier on. Sir Roger, 87, took it in stride.


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