Vic Flick update: James Bond Now

Wes Britton advises us of the following about Vic Flick, the guitarist on the original rendition of The James Bond Theme:

James Bond Now, a wonderful collection of Vic’s reworkings of classic Bond tunes along with original compositions, can be ordered from Vic himself for $15.00 including shipping and handling by E-mailing Vic direct at:

You can get it autographed by the “Guitarman” himself! (Guitarman is the name of Vic’s memoir that came out from Bear Manor Media last year—something for book and music aficionados alike!)

Information on the book can be found HERE or HERE

The story of 007’s favorite guitarist

It’s hard to talk about James Bond movies without The James Bond Theme and it’s difficult to talk about that tune without mentioning guitarist Vic Flick.

It was Flick’s fingers on the electric guitar that was a major part of the original version of the theme. Monty Norman, the composer, has made a lot of money. John Barry, who did the arrangement of that original version, became a living legend among film composers. Flick? Bond fans know who he is, but not so much the general public.

Well, if you CLICK RIGHT HERE, you can find out seven reasons why you should read his autobiography.

And if you CLICK HERE you can order Vic Flick Guitarman on