Bond 25: Time to get real

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter


Over the past week, some Bond fans have gotten upset.

They were mad about a March 2 open letter from the MI6 James Bond website and The James Bond Dossier that urged a delay in the premiere for No Time to Die because of the coronavirus.

Two days later, Eon Productions announced that the movie would be delayed until November.

Was that because of the open letter? Likely not. The open letter merely drew attention to issues that studio executives, et. al., were already looking at.

The announcement referenced “the global theatrical marketplace.” It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce this was probably a reference to the coronavirus. Since then, there have been other changes in movie release dates.

Nevertheless, some Bond fans are still mad. How dare the authors of the open letter speak for all fans?

Of course, the open letter never said it was on behalf of ALL fans. It cited how key international markets in China, South Korea, and Japan had been affected. Since the open letter was posted, the disease has spread. Italy now has been shut down.

Some fans are still mad about the open letter. Such fans argue that the delay may have been the right move, but the open letter should never have been written.

Whatever. It’s time to move on. The coronavirus has continued to spread. The World Health Organization today declared the coronavirus is a pandemic.

To be clear, I often am a guest on the James Bond & Friends podcast produced by the MI6 James Bond site. I have not given the site a heads up that I was doing this post.

We are in a pandemic. It’s time to put aside arguments and debates. No Time to Die’s debut has been delayed. Instead of attacking other Bond fans, it’s time to prepare for what is to come.

UPDATE (March 12): Since this post was published, a number of other films have seen their release date pushed back. Variety reported that Fast & Furious 9 is being delayed by almost a year. It had been set for release on May 22, 2020. Movies in the series depend heavily on markets outside the U.S.

According to a post from the movie’s Twitter feed, the 9th installment will come out in April 2021.