More about Bond 23 delay

The Express newspaper in the U.K. ran a short item about the delay in Bond 23. Some excerpts:

Pre-production has been halted and filming postponed while the future of the Bond franchise hangs in the balance.

Michael G Wilson, who produces the Bond films with Barbara Broccoli, admitted: “We just don’t know enough about the situation to comment but we know it’s uncertain.”

The earliest a new film is likely to go into production is at the end of this year, for release in 2011, a full three years after the last Bond, Quantum Of Solace.

The reason cited, not surprisingly, is the possible sale of MGM, which owns 50 percent of the Bond franchise. The article doesn’t reveal much more but Wilson’s comment is one of the few we’ve seen to address the sitution directly.

To read the complete article just CLICK HERE. Also, to view the version of the story on the Commander Bond Web site (where we first saw it), just CLICK RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: To view a longer article on this same subject on the MI6 Web site, just CLICK HERE.

2 Responses

  1. The Daily Express took a snippet from a longer interview from Total Film magazine. MI6 has put up more of the quotes which give it a better context. Express also failed to mention that Morgan said writing picks up again in February! A bit of tabloid sensationalism and I’m surprised a site like CBN ran with it verbatim.

  2. Our post has been updated to provide a link to the MI6 article.

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