1969 Hawaii Five-O soundtrack to be re-released

On the message boards of Film Score Monthly, which produces soundtracks of movies and television shows, news popped up that the original 1969 Hawaii Five-O soundtrack album will be re-released digitially and on CD.

In the thread, WHICH YOU CAN READ BY CLICKING HERE, FSM’s Lukas Kendall confirms that FSM plans to produce a CD. That’s in response to a post by the webmaster of The Hawaii Five-O Home Page who shared that he got an e-mail saying the Capitol Records album will be released on Aug. 24 on digital sites including Amazon and iTunes.

The 1969 album features music composed and conducted by Morton Stevens, mostly from the pilot plus a few tracks from first-season episodes. One of our editors has the album, purchased for $12 at a collectors show in the 1990s. The version of the famous Five-O theme by Stevens was the 90-second original used in the pilot. Here it is on YouTube, uploaded by CBS, which aired the original show from 1968 to 1980 and is bringing out a revival in September:

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  1. As strange as it may sound ,this credit sequence always brings me back memories of my holidays by some distant aunt & uncle in the late 70′ . They used to be glued to the TV screens for ” Hawaï, Police d’Etat ” ( Hawai , State Police , the french title of the show ) , and I got infected as well…

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