Raymond Benson does another Black Stiletto interview

Former James Bond continuation author Raymond Benson has done another interview to promote his new novel, The Black Stiletto. It’s on the Comicbook Nerd Web site. Here’s a brief excerpt:

When I wrote Bond (gosh, that was over fifteen years ago when I started) I was required to write an outline of the story first. That trained me very well, so I’ve always done it. Some writers like to outline, others don’t. I like it. It’s tantamount to writing a treatment of the novel first. That way you can look at the story with a bird’s-eye view and figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s easier to throw out or re-write a paragraph or two of an outline than it is to wreck two full chapters of prose! I’m very proud of my Bond novels, but they were very early in my novel-writing career. I believe I’ve improved immensely as an author since then. The Black Stiletto is my 26th published book. I’ll probably never write another Bond novel, but I’m pretty sure that if I did, my older ones would pale in comparison.

You can read the entire interview BY CLICKING HERE.

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