Norway outlet provides confirmation about B25 filming

A Norway outlet called VG on March 26 posted a story mostly concerning the tight security where a Bond 25 sequence is being filmed.

There’s not a lot to see. But the story includes the windshield of a shuttle bus where there’s a small sign that says, “B25 CREW SHUTTLE.”

It’s not a lot. But a confirmation that Bond 25 is underway is a confirmation, nevertheless.

To be sure, we’re not sure how far along the production is. Previous stories indicated the Bond 25 crew wanted to do the sequence before a frozen lake melts.

Are more rewrites of the script coming? The blog certainly doesn’t know. Is a press event guaranteed for next week? Some say it will come around April 1 or so. But here at the blog we don’t claim to know.

The only certainty, such as it is,  Bond 25 production has started. And so it goes.

h/t .@BondEnArgentina for a tweet that brought this to the blog’s attention

UPDATE (March 28): Additional images of the crew have emerged, though nothing all that exciting. An outlet called Dagbladet published a story about the tight security with a few photos of the crew. A site called Filmweb posted a video about its correspondent searching for the site. She finds it toward the end of the 2:57 video.


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