How Bond 25’s pre-production may be difficult

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter

The pre-production phase of Bond 25 may be difficult, perhaps the most difficult of the 007 film series, regardless of whether Daniel Craig returns as James Bond or not.

Guest writer Gert Waterink has produced an essay, THE ‘SPECTRE’ OF BOND 25, that examines some of the issues involved.

Does Bond 25 tie into 2015’s SPECTRE? If so, how much?

If Daniel Craig departs the role of James Bond, is another reboot in the cards? Does the supporting cast get changed?

If Craig returns, do you make a full-fledged sequel to SPECTRE? Or can you address the events of SPECTRE at the start of the film and somehow transition to more of a standalone tale?

Because of the essay’s length, it’s posted at THE SPY COMMAND FEATURE STORY INDEX, our site for longer, more in-depth pieces. To read the essay, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Callum McDougall, production manager on “GoldenEye”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Skyfall” and “SPECTRE”, and, like Daniel Craig, executive producer, just spoke out about the wishes that EON Productions Ltd. has with regard to Daniel Craig.

    McDougall: “We would love Daniel to return as Bond, without any question”. He added: “At this stage Craig still is Barbara’s and Michael’s first choice”. Asked if he wants to return, he can sign and the job is his? “Absolutely”, McDougall said.

    On October 7th Daniel Craig has the possibility to speak out opposite editor Nicholas Schmidle from magazine ‘The New Yorker’, because the decision now lies with him.

    This is actually a very different situation when compared with the post-“Die Another Day” period, where EON Productions basically urged Pierce Brosnan to resign, or at least make him say “I’m done with it”.

    Brosnan really wanted to return after “Die Another Day”, but EON more or less didn’t want that to happen. With Craig it’s the other way around. They desperately want Daniel Craig to return, but now the actor himself has the final say.

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