Mixed tea leaves for No Time to Die

New No Time to Die poster

Let’s face it. James Bond film fans are anxious. They want to know if No Time to Die will make its current November release date.

The tea leaves are a bit mixed.

Good news! Tenet is moving full speed ahead!

Director Christopher Nolan’s new spy-fi/sci-fi film is rolling out in various markets.

Tenet is billed as the movie that can save movie theaters amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Famously, Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise made a point of letting everybody know he was watching Tenet in a theater.

So if Tenet can do it, can’t No Time to Die?

Bad news! The King’s Man has been delayed to early 2021

The King’s Man, the prequel to the first two Kingsman films, which was delayed once already, now won’t be out until February 2021.

The prequel stars Ralph Fiennes, who played M at the end of Skyfall and in SPECTRE and No Time to Die. It tells the story of the earliest days of the Kingsman organization.

The delay for The King’s Man shows not all studios are enthusiastic about releasing a movie in the fall of 2020.

As usual, we’ll see.

3 Responses

  1. Am I overstating it to say the continuation of the franchise depends on the box office for NTTD?

  2. Why don’t Bond Fans initiate a Social Media campaign confirming how eager they are to see a November movie release in theaters!

  3. If Tenet actually opens on 9/3 in the US, the box office will be awful because not enough people are willing to risk their lives for a stupid movie. The asinine reopening of schools around the country will lead to a catastrophic surge here within the first few weeks of Tenet’s release, further dampening enthusiasm for sitting in a petri dish. NTTD will not open in November. There are now cases of reinfections with genetically distinct strains of the virus (i.e. not cases where the original infection wasn’t cleared). It is also becoming more apparent that the respiratory symptoms that killed so many early on is just the tip of the iceberg, since it turns into a chronic illness lasting months in a larger percentage of those infected, with debilitating fatigue, blood clotting, inflammation, damage to the kidneys, and various neurological symptoms such as confusion.

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