New York Times blog has advice for furloughed 007

The New York Times has an image of “the Gray Lady,”
the last refuge of serious journalism in an era when the business model of the news business (relying on advertising) is being turned topsy turvy by the Internet.

Then, there are some of the blogs on the Times’s Web site where (at least some times) the Gray Lady hikes of her skirt a bit. So it is with the site’s Arts Beat blog. And the blog, of course, had to weigh in when news came in this week that Eon Productions was delaying development of Bond 23 indefinitely. So NYT blogger Dave Itzkoff had some advice for a furloughed fictional secret agent.

Work on his Austin Powers accent and practice reciting catchphrases like “Shagadelic!” and “Yeah, baby, yeah!”
Grow a mustache and star in a two-person Broadway show with another out-of-work action star, like, say, Dame Edna.
See if any California technology companies could use help guarding the top-secret prototypes their employees lose in bars.
Develop an unhealthy fixation on the shape of eggs.
Start a Twitter account and try to amass more followers than SPECTRE.
Make crank calls to George Lazenby’s house.

There’s more, of course, and you can read it all by CLICKING HERE.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the BBC’s Web site raises all sorts of possibilities (Sam Worthington for Bond based on the bookies taking bets on the next 007) while saying very little definite. Just CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

UPDATE 2: The NYT’s nickname is just the “Gray Lady.” We corrected that after earlier referring to the paper as the “Great Gray Lady.”