Another Telegraph writer pleads to keep Craig as 007

You have to give the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph credit for one thing: it presents a variety of views related to James Bond.

We previous noted how one writer for The Telegraph said the film series needs to lighten up from Daniel Craig’s two 007 movies. But another Telegraph scribe, JoJo Moyes, thinks Craig is doing just fine, thank you very much.

I admit that when he (Craig) was first mooted for the part, I was less than enthusiastic. How could festering Geordie Peacock from Our Friends In The North inhabit that iconic tuxedo with grace and élan? How could that thuggish visage expertly seduce women with ridiculously suggestive names? For this was a man apparently known even to his friends as “Mr Potato Head”.

Fool that I was! For even as he emerged from the shadows in the opening scenes of Casino Royale I was a lost thing. By the time he broke the waves in those little blue trunks I may have inadvertently – and for the first time in my life – uttered the phrase “Hubba hubba”. When he held Vesper Lynd brokenly in his arms, it was frankly a bit embarrassing being in the same room as my actual husband. And I know there are women nodding as they read this, because they have told me.

It takes a serious dose of raw machismo to remain the object of female desire even while having one’s testicles flayed from under a chair, but Craig managed it. Men liked his rough quality, the slight coarsening of the Bond franchise. Women just… yes, well. I think we’ve covered that.

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