Positive reactions from U.K. press showing of SPECTRE


One spoiler, but a ways down the page (not a plot spoiler). Stop reading now if you’re spoiler adverse.

A press showing of SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond film, was held Wednesday evening in the U.K. and generated some positive reactions.

What follows is a sampling and isn’t comprehensive. The first two of the following tweets aren’t spoilers. The third contains what many would consider a spoiler but there is no plot information.

One of the first we saw was from Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian:

Deathlan Slashin, home page editor of BuzzFeed’s UK edition appeared to like it.

And now for that spoiler:

A Daily Mirror staffer weighs in:

And here’s one more:

UPDATE: First negative reaction we spotted:

UPDATE II: Meanwhile, the chief film critic of The Times in the U.K. gave readers a preview of what she’s writing.

One Response

  1. this is encouraging. especially to a hard to please British press. as mentioned no real spoilers here. what Fans really want to know is.
    is the gun Barrel returned to the Beginning of the film ? which is yes
    most fans especially those at James Bond Radio should be specially Happy about that. so i can safely say SPECTRE will be the most successful bond film of all time. and win the title of ”’ the year of the spy”

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