Brosnan now says he wants out of 007’s shadow

It’s enough to give you whiplash.

Former Bond Pierce Brosnan tells the Los Angeles Times in an interview (to promote a new movie, The Greatest), that he wants to escape the shadow of 007. The article summarizes various recent Brosnan projects then adds this:

The diversity in projects was a conscious choice, said Brosnan, who was dressed immaculately in a crisp button-up and blazer with nary a crease. His face too was virtually without wrinkles — his hair, peppered with just a hint of gray, was the only sign of his age.

“I said to my agents, ‘Look, it’s time to really work, and to find and explore other avenues here as an actor,’ ” he explained. “It doesn’t have to be leading roles. Let’s not be tripped up by past information. It’s time to try and have longevity as an actor.”

That all makes sense. However, last month he told an ABC blog that he still misses the Bond role.

The sentiments aren’t necessarily a contradiction. One can miss part of your past but there’s nothing you can do about that. Also, Brosnan, who turns 57 next month, is being practical in wanting to find ways to extend his career. Finally, it seems like he’s getting asked about Bond while promoting his new films, rather than him bringing it up.

In any case, CLICK HERE if you want to read the entire Los Angeles Times story.

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