Bridge in Turkey to figure in Skyfall’s pre-credits sequence?

The Hurriyet Daily News, an English-language newspaper in Turkey, has a story about a railroad bridge that may figure in Skyfall’s pre-credits sequence.

Here’s an excerpt:

The historic Varda Railway Bridge in the southern province of Adana’s Hacıkırı village will be a filming location for scenes for the next James Bond film, the longest film series in the world that is celebrating its 50th year in 2012.

The 172-meter-long and 98-meter-high bridge, which was built in 1912 by Germans, will feature in the opening 15-minute part of the series’ 25th film along with Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Museum and the Aegean province of Fethiye.

Of course, Skyfall is the 23rd film in the Eon Productions-produced series, not the 25th. Earlier, the production team was looking at India to film a train sequence and that didn’t happen. However, Skyfall producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have been to Turkey as production of Skyfall was being prepared.

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  1. Sounds good, hope to see this on the big screen

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