Sony appears to confirm a SPECTRE spoiler

Like the headline says, this involves a spoiler. The spoiler adverse shouldn’t read.

Last month, a photo emerged of a SPECTRE spoiler, specifically involving a vehicle in the movie. The photo showed the vehicle during filming of SPECTRE.

On April 2, Sony Pictures Canada put out a Tweet that appears to confirm said vehicle will be in the 24th James Bond film.

For the spoiler adverse, this is your last chance to leave without seeing.

Here’s the tweet:

On Dec. 4, it was announced SPECTRE would feature the Aston Martin DB10, a limited-production model. Nothing was said about the Aston Martin DB5, which was blown to bits in the climatic sequence of Skyfall.

As you can see, Sony Pictures Canada tweeted a picture of the DB5 as it appeared in Goldfinger. So, it would seem Sony has confirmed the return of the iconic car yet one more time.

4 Responses

  1. maybe eon productions was ahead of themselves when they tweeted
    the aston martin db5. like what the editor said, they blew-up the car
    in skyfall,
    however I some times wonder if eon and the bond director are truly
    working together.
    when you think of ‘casino royale’ (2006) you see bond win a aston
    martin db5 at a card game. and it’s a left-hand.
    but when you see it again in ‘skyfall’ (2012) its a right-hand drive
    how strange. unless the story dectates that the two cars are ment
    to be different.

  2. Like I commented on another post , the Spectre script is full of Nostalgia bits …

  3. […] top of everything else, some time back, the Canadian arm of Sony put out a tweet that gave out a possible SPECTRE spoiler. (Don’t click on the link if you don’t want to […]

  4. […] destroyed in Skyfall. But photos of it emerged during filming of SPECTRE. Also, Sony Canada put out AN APRIL 2 TWEET that appeared to be confirm the DB5 was back. The trailer seems to confirm it […]

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