Craig’s 007 tenure now second-longest, fan website says

Daniel Craig and Aston Martin DB5 in a Skyfall publicity sill

Daniel Craig and Aston Martin DB5 in a Skyfall publicity sill

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond is now second-longest, according to a fan website, Dalton Was Best.

The site’s websmaster, Adrian Stirrup, made the calculations for a Jan. 1 post. Stirrup said they were based on the date each Bond actor was announced publicly.

In the Jan. 1 post, Stirrup wrote that Craig would take over the No. 2 spot from Pierce Brosnan as of Feb. 20. The webmaster followed that up with a post on Twitter today, saying Craig now has 4,147 days in the role, compared with Brosnan’s 4,146.

The public announcement for Craig being cast as 007 was Oct. 14, 2005.

No. 1 is Roger Moore at 5,118 days. Sean Connery, the original film Bond, has 3,049 days with two stints in the role combined. Based on Jan. 1 post, the calculation is only for Connery’s time making six movies in the Eon Productions series. The actor did a seventh non-Eon Bond film, Never Say Never Again.

You can view today’s follow up tweet by Stirrup below.


2 Responses

  1. We have not had any James Bond other than Daniel Craig since 20 November 2002 when Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day was released. There are 14 year old teenagers out there who have never been alive with a James Bond other than Craig. That’s a bloody long time that is. He’s had his say, done his films, and SPECTRE gave him a proper send off. He should take his cue, and let Aiden Turner (age 33) slip into Bond’s patent leather tuxedo shoes.

  2. There are others way to calculate this record. From their first day of shooting on their first James Bond 007 film to their last day of filming on their last Bond film or The day of release of their first James Bond film to the release date of their last Bond film.
    The record I like is whom has done the most James Bond movies. Sean Connery has 7 (1962-67, 1971,1983), however Roger Moore has 7 (1973-85) in the shortest amount of time…11 years, 11 months, 7 days.

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