Best for Film reports `insanely massive’ Skyfall spoiler


The Web site Best for Film on April 5 reported what it calls “insanely massive Skyfall news.” If correct, it’s the spoiler of all Skyfall spoilers. Previously, we’ve written when other spoilers came out after first posting a warning. But this one, well, merits special treatment.

Suffice to say it’s bigger than photos and video that have come out from Scotland and Turkey during Skyfall filming. We had to make note of this, but decided not to mention the details in this post.

So: CLICK HERE if you want to find out the news. If you don’t want to know, keep the cursor away from the link

4 Responses

  1. Thank you HMSS for telling this really is a massive spoiler (I thought it might have been the Scotland stuff). I want to avoid spoilers, but I was curious and tempted. Now I’m not. Great site this HMSS!

  2. This is a huge spoiler but one that many fans (me, included) had suspicions. Judi Dench is nearing 80 and Barbara Broccoli has always wanted to push this series into other directions that would shake up the status quo. Having her die, most likely at the Skyfall lodge – hence the title, makes for a new direction for the series. Takes Bond into another direction with (a male ‘M’ – Ralph Fiennes), a younger Q, and perhaps the introduction of Miss Moneypenny. Still the series is moving away from the stale films of the 80s and 90s and trying to reinvent the action film by reinventing itself. Of course, this may all be a vicious rumor and Judi Dench will live to die another day.

  3. Great job on spoiling the spoiler there Stuart.

  4. Mwaaaaaaaa mwaaaaaaaa lol

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